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Adjustable Bed Bases

Incline bed frames are a quick and easy way to provide relief from many sleep-related disorders, including sleep apnea, acid reflux and heartburn, sinus issues, and snoring. Whether you need a manual adjustable bed frame or one of our electric adjustable bed frames for elevating both the upper and lower body, we have the best adjustable bed bases and frames to ensure you receive the restorative sleep you need to be your best. Our incline bed frames are easy to install, have durable steel frames and provide support for box springs and frames with or without headboards. We have adjustable bed frames for all bed sizes with options for relaxing massage and under-the-bed lighting for additional safety.

Incline bed frames can deliver the instant relief you’ve been searching for with the push of a button or slight adjustment to your bed frame. These adjustable bed frames are durable, easy to use and look great in any room. Shop around to find the right adjustable bed frame for you!