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  • About Beds Up

    Beds Up Insert FAQ

    Will the Beds Up Insert fit my bed?
    The Beds UP Insert will fit on your metal hollywood bed frame and into most any headboard - footboard bed...the insert simply fits under your box spring...the Insert will not work with a platform beds.

    What is the most common height adjustment?
    Most people will start at a 4" setting and never change it although others will start at 2" and than go to 4" and than up to 6" ...If you start at 6" and are not use to the incline some find it takes longer to adjust.

    Will I slide down in bed?
    Some notice they slide slightly although the health benefits far out weigh the sliding.

    Will my bed partner be comfortable sleeping inclined?
    Most anyone will find a benefit sleeping inclined since there are so many health benefits associated with inclined sleeping.

    Will my bed be higher if I use the Beds Up Insert?
    Yes, the Beds Up Insert will add 1 3/4" to your bed height before you elevate the insert.

    Will my mattress slide down when elevated?
    There are clips at the foot end of the frame to hold the box spring from sliding and the weight of the mattress tends to hold it in place so there is very little sliding of the mattress.

    Will The Beds Up Insert support my bedding?
    The Beds Up Insert is made of 1 1/2" steel and has a center support for double and queen bedding as recommended by all bedding manufactures.

    Will the Beds Up Insert adversely affect my bed or bed frame?
    No unlike bed blocks or other block type elevating systems The Beds Up Insert does not put undue stress on your bed or bed frame...the incline is created and supported by the insert .

    Why should I buy the Beds Up Insert when a foam wedge is less expensive?
    The Beds Up Insert allows you to sleep directly on your mattress while on your back, side or stomach which will allow you to get a better night sleep...and since it is made of steel it will last longer than a foam wedge...longer life with more comfort !

    Is it difficult to set up?
    No it requires only a few steps please see the set up video.

    Why is the Beds Up Insert shorter than my box spring ?
    The Beds Up Insert is built the same length as a standard metal bed frame although you start the Beds Up Insert at the foot end of the box spring which allows the foot end clips to keep the box spring from sliding off at the foot end of the frame. The insert is designed with a few inch void under the box spring at the head end of the bed .

    Why is the king and calf. king Beds Up Insert shipped in two boxes ?
    The king and Calf.king Beds Up Insert consist of two insert and is designed to be place one insert under each box spring (king beds have 2 box springs) . This adds to the strength and support of the king insert.

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  • About DreamFit

    All DreamFit™ sheet lines are made with the following Quality Features:

       * Patented DreamFit™ Guaranteed to Fit™ Guaranteed to Stay On™ construction fits any sized mattress.
       * Super strong elastic binding guarantees the same snug fit on any sized mattress.
       * Patented strap design guarantees your DreamFit™ pad will stay put even with the addition of feather beds, mattress toppers, or foam.
       * Soft and durable knit side skirting stretches to accommodate even the thickest mattress.

    We take pride in being the singular resource for complete bedding programs ranging from DreamFit™ patented mattress pads and sheets to our patented quilted sheet ensembles. The DreamFit™ design also extends into our complete line of mattress, health and comfort protection products. DreamFit™ offers innovation and value at every price point. And with our Seven Degree System, you can find the level of luxury that’s right for your lifestyle.

    Care & Cleaning Instructions


       * Wash your DreamFit™ sheets separately.
       * Do not wind DreamFit™ or any sheets around the agitator, as they will become entangled.
       * Wash on gentle cycle in warm water and avoid bleach as it breaks down most fabric fibers.
       * Tumble dry on low heat and remove your DreamFit™ sheets from dryer as soon as it shuts off.
       * Rotate your fitted sheet from the head of the bed to the foot each time you make the bed with
         freshly laundered sheets to extend the comfort life of your sheets.


       * Do not bleach or use detergents with bleach.
       * Machine wash in warm water.
       * Tumble dry on low heat and remove your DreamFit™ Mattress Protector from dryer as soon as it
         shuts off.
       * Your DreamFit™ Mattress Pad is protected by a 10-year guarantee. Use of bleach or detergents with bleach will void the Warranty. Please call a DreamFit™ representative at 1-800-373-2634 for any questions or concerns.


       * Do not bleach or use detergents with bleach.
       * Machine wash in warm water.
       * Tumble dry on low heat and remove your DreamFit™ Mattress Pad from dryer as soon as it
         shuts off.
       * Your DreamFit™ Mattress Pad is protected by a 10-year guarantee. Use of bleach or detergents with bleach will void the Warranty. Please call a DreamFit™ representative at 1-800-373-2634 for any questions or concerns.
  • Glossary of Terms

    Glossary of Sleep Related Terminology

    Apnea - Cessation of breathing, especially during sleep. Details

    Bed-Wetting - see Nocturnal Enuresis

    BIPAP - Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure. Used to treat sleep apnea, it is the same as CPAP, except the pressure of the airflow drops significently when you expire; there is no need to fight the incoming air pressure. The bipap can be set to drop the level at specific intervals, or upon demand.

    Bruxism - The habit of unconsciously gritting or grinding the teeth esp. in situations of stress or during sleep.

    Cataplexy - Sudden loss of muscle power with retention of clear consciousness following a strong emotional stimulus (as fright, anger, or shock)

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrom - Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized primarily by profound fatigue. There is usually an abrupt onset of symptoms that come and go for at least six months. Details

    Central Sleep Apnea - Cessation of breathing during sleep as a function of neuorological failure. The body "forgets" to breath, if you will.

    CPAP - continuous positive airway pressure. A machine which is used to alleviate symptoms of sleep apnea by providing a continuous, stable pre-determined volume of air to a nasal mask that the patient wears while asleep. This continuous pressure keeps the airway from collapsing, as it does during Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

    Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome - Delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) is a fairly common disorder of sleep timing. People with DSPS tend to fall asleep at very late times, and also have difficulty waking up in time for normal work, school, or social needs. Details

    ENT - Ear, Nose and Throat. Used to refer to a physician that specializes in disorders of that region. Technically, an Otorhinolaryngolygist (sp?).

    Insomnia - Inability to sleep at all, or sleeping for only a few hours (and being unable to get back to sleep). Details

    Lucid Dreaming - The ability to control the direction of your dream. Example: you are being chased by a wolf. You can conciously deceide to stop and face it, ask it questions, and so on.

    Melatonin - a human hormone that is derived from serotonin, is secreted by the pineal gland especially in response to darkness, and has been linked to the regulation of circadian rhythms

    Narcolepsy - Intrusion of REM sleep into wakefulness; onset of deepest sleep in a rapid, overwhelming fashion. The prevalence of norcolepsy has been calculated at about 0.03% of the general population. Details

    Nocturnal Enuresis - Involuntary urination during sleep that occurs more often than once a month in girls over 5 and in boys over 6 years of age. Details

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Cessation of breathing during sleep, due to a mechanical obstruction, such as a semi-collapsed trachea, tongue relaxed to back of the throat, or a large amount of tissue in the uvula area. Details

    Periodic Limb Movement disorder - PLMS are characterized by leg movements or jerks which typically occur every 20 to 40 seconds during sleep. PLMS causes sleep to be disrupted. These movements are typically reported by the bed partner. These movements fragment sleep leaving the person with excessive daytime sleepiness. Related to Restless Leg Syndrome.

    Polysomnograph - a mechanical recording of a person's sleep, using many criteria, such as the amount of oxygen in bloodstream, pulse, brain waves and eye movement, amongst others. Recorded on paper, not unlike a seismograph.

    R.E.M. - Rapid Eye Movement. A state of sleep that recurs cyclically several times during a normal period of sleep and that is characterized by increased neuronal activity of the forebrain and midbrain, by depressed muscle tone, and esp. in humans by dreaming, rapid eye movements, and vascular congestion of the sex organs -- called also paradoxical sleep, rapid eye movement sleep.

    Restless Leg Syndrome - a discomfort in the legs which is relieved by moving or stimulating the legs. This feeling is difficult to describe and commonly referred to as a crawling, tingling or prickling sensation.

    Seasonal Affective Disorder - A seasonal disruption of mood that occurs during the winter months and ceases with the advent of spring. Symptoms usually begin in September when days begin to shorten, and last through the winter into March when the days begin to lengthen again. Light plays a big part in its origin and in its treatment. In rarer instances, the seasonal disorder symptoms occur in the summer months and may be caused by an intolerance to heat. Details

    Uvula - The pendent fleshy lobe in the middle of the posterior border of the soft palate It's purpose is to sense the amount to saliva in the mouth.

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