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Venta Airwasher and Humidifier
Venta Airwasher and Humidifier
Venta Airwasher...Humidifier and Purifier.

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Proven effective in the treatment or avoidance of:

  • Asthma
  • Common Colds
  • Sore Throats
  • Chest & Nose Congestion
  • Nose bleeding
  • Dry skin / Chapped lips
  • Allergies: Dust mites, Animal hair, Pollen, etc.
  • Infections
  • Tobacco
  • Air Pollution
  • Improving Ambient Smells
  • Furniture cracking
  • Damage to music instruments (wood)
  • Base Price: $219.99

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    Ventra Air Cleaners

    If you aren’t purifying the air inside your home, it’s likely that your family is breathing in allergens, dust and other potentially harmful particulates. Many air purifiers are bulky and air filters can be expensive and hard to find. That’s why we offer the Ventra air purifier that uses the principal of cold water evaporation to remove airborne irritants and allergens. This is a filterless humidifier that only requires cold water to operate. The Ventra tabletop air purifiers pull in bad odors, dust, dirt and allergens of all kinds, essentially washing the air. The Ventra air washers act as an air purifier and humidifier with the ability to purify air quickly with minimal effort and maintenance.


    Everything in your life has an upgrade, so why is your indoor air an exception? Venta Airwashers, the best filterless humidifiers and air purifiers on the market, bring quality of life to the next level by minding your environment while you concentrate on living. Taking every indoor air quality factor into consideration, the Venta air washers scrutinize all lifestyle environmental concerns, like allergies, asthma, cold and flu, musical instrument and antique preservation and dry air in home.

    Say goodbye to sub-par air and bask in the humidifier and air purifier benefits of filtered air.

    Learn more about our Venta Airwasher product line for all room sizes, available in anthracite gray and white.

    We love simplicity in engineering....

    Almost everyone understands the concept: Just add water. We wanted a solution that was that simple. We love to strip away complexity. Sure, we could speak for hours on the benefits of cold water evaporation, the differences between a humidifier vs. vaporizer, or elimination of “white dust” and particulate matter. Or the fact that we invented a device which, unlike those of our competitors, eliminates ultrasonic spraying and does not have bacteria-laden filters that you need to touch to replace.

    But we think it’s far more effective to talk about how simple our technology is... The fact that there are no cartridges to replace, filters to buy, and no smells or stagnant water. It’s that simple. Take it home, unpack it, and just add water. The air is literally washed. Impurities in the air, stale tobacco smoke, household dust, pollen and allergens are trapped in the water. Only clean, humidified air evaporates. The Venta Airwasher works on the principle of natural evaporation which is widely recognized as the best method of humidification. No ions, no ozone, no white dust; will not over-humidify.

    Every design detail has been considered....

    It’s nearly impossible to make a design so simple and sturdy without sacrificing features or performance. Yet Venta has achieved that goal with our line of Airwashers.

    It’s an accomplishment in engineering and design thinking. Every detail and every material was carefully considered. We built it and then we stripped it down and built it again, minimizing unnecessary parts (like filter pads), and optimizing efficiency with every version.

    And it’s made with a level of precision that you’ve come to expect from German engineering. As a result, the Venta Airwasher works flawlessly.

    Taking steps to purify the air in your home is paramount to your family’s health and the best way to prevent unnecessary respiratory ailments. The Ventra air cleaners are easy to use, lightweight and engineered to last. The cold water evaporation technique allows these filterless humidifiers and air purifiers to purify air more efficiently and better than ever before. Buy the Ventra air washer for your home now to enjoy safe, clean indoor air every day.

      LW 15
      LW 25LW 45
      For rooms up to200 sq ft
      400 sq ft
      800 sq ft
      Mains voltage100–240 V/50–60 Hz100–240 V/50–60 Hz100–240 V/50–60 Hz
      Disk surface15.3 sq. ft.22.5 sq. ft.45 sq. ft.
      Air throughput70.6 cfm123.6 cfm158.9 cfm
      Dimensions10.2x11x12.2 in.11.8x11.8x13 in.17.7x11.8x13 in.
      Weight (empty)approx. 7 lb.approx. 8.5 lb.approx. 13 lb.
      Energy consumption (speed 1–2)approx. 3-4 wattsapprox. 3–5–8 wattsapprox. 3–5–8 Watt
      Water reservoir1.4 gallons2 gallons3 gallons
      Warranty10 years10 years10 years

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